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Welcome to Doggie Secrets

We've scoured the globe for coordinating dog fashions, unique merchandise, and the latest trendy items for discriminating dogs and their companions. Explore the newest items in the furry fashion world, shop for distinctive doggie essentials, dog coats, dog jackets, dog furniture, dog accessories and more.   Get the gossip on our canine celebrities, and discover the latest news on the Doggie Secrets model scene.

We know you will LOVE our dog fashions merchandise and our models. If you are the owner of a cherished canine, browse a while and come back often. We are always adding new items and updates here at Doggie Secrets.

Doggie Secrets was the brainstorm of two fashion slaves who love animals. Like all great ideas, we started this venture when the fragile beauty, Paloma arrived in the mountains of southern California with her entourage. Demanding warmth, comfort, and style, her needs catalyzed a new business centered on quality items for the most discriminating tastes.

Doggie Secrets is the key.


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Velvet-sweetest dog on planet earth is an aspiring Model that has just started his career. His owner brought home 7 pups that had been rescued and he took over bringing up these puppies.

velvetdirectory.jpg (6289 bytes) DocBowtiedirectory.jpg (5324 bytes) Doc was rescued out of a Shelter in CA and had been sent back at least 3 times. He has a forever home with a very special and patient friend Jeff. He is a wonderful loving and friendly boy. Makes a good model too!

  Hobo is 12 years old. He was rescued off the railroad tracks. His Mum Stephanie stopped four lanes of traffic to get to him. His main job is to protect the home and his family.

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Laddy- a fine little guy who belongs to one of our photographers Tammy. He has recently launched his modeling career and enjoys the spotlight.

Andre is about 8 years old. His owner had heart problems and had to give him up. He too is owned by Stephanie and Pete. He is the instigator of the household. CroppedAndreHawaii.jpg (5411 bytes) thatCamille2.jpg (5086 bytes) Camille giving us all that models smile. If she is not modeling she is plotting her next counter surfing expedition or planning her next shopping extravaganza.
Raisa started her modeling career in Palm Springs at an early age. She lost her wonderful Dad Robert a few years ago. Raisa now has a new Mum and has taken up modeling again. Raisachewedstring2.jpg (5503 bytes) Sheltieface2.jpg (5063 bytes) Missy is about 16 years old and was found in the middle of the street. She is a professional herder keeping her family totally organized, not letting anyone stray.
Lucky is at least 20 years-found at a bus stop on Glen Oaks in Sun Valley, CA. At 20 she is one of our top models. Lucky2.jpg (4980 bytes) Cropped Nikita Hawaii.jpg (5346 bytes) Nikita was rescued in Lancaster when his family had to give him up. He was fostered until he walked into the loving arms of Pete and Stephanie. He wags his tail constantly now.
Frank, is just a baby and is the youngest of our Models. He will be brought up with taste as him Mum is an Interior Decorator. Frankhead.jpg (4896 bytes) Tullaretrench.jpg (5218 bytes) Tulare-Hot out of a barn where he was left starving with some horses, he now practices his singing. Favorite song "Volare" as it sounds like his name.

Valentino my love, was found running the streets of Houston over 16 years ago, making him at least 18. He lives in CA now and although weak in the hind legs, looked lovely as he rode in the surrey for Doggie Secrets.

Valheadshot.jpg (4774 bytes) Oscar.jpg (5979 bytes) Oscar- our Hollywood dog is a special Aids Hearing Dog and is much loved by Charlie Norton, a great Director in the movie business. One spoilt dog with a wardrobe of clothes that anyone would be jealous of.

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